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Friendship Woods | Westerwood

Tweet, tweet! Welcome to your own backyard nature retreat.

Easy access to natural beauty is a big part of living at Westerwood.

Some residents walk two to three times a day, always with one destination in mind: Friendship Woods. Home to an estimated 200-plus species of birds, our nature preserve has prompted some residents to take up bird-watching as a hobby.

As a certified nature refuge, Friendship Woods can never be cut down or developed. While walking is half the fun, it also has plenty of places to sit, be present and watch this vibrant, natural splendor unfold.

It is also common to see wild deer on our grounds. As one resident aptly put it, “It’s like living in the middle of the woods, but you’re in the city!”

Friendship woods | Westerwood

Nature is healing

Many echo that sentiment because nature is important to their emotional health and physical well-being. In fact, science backs up what many of us know intuitively. Many studies suggest that gardening and spending time outdoors in nature can reduce anxiety, promote better sleep, increase physical activity and even help slow cognitive decline in older adults.

And, if you have a dog—or are thinking of adopting one—there’s no better place to safely walk them than Westerwood. Best of all, exploring nature is the perfect family activity for visiting grandchildren.

But that natural feeling doesn’t end at our nature preserve. We’ve incorporated the natural world into the overall design of the Westerwood grounds. Nearly two miles of meandering walking paths lead you past beautiful landscaping, mature trees, and personal gardens that residents cultivate as their own.

Westerwood’s campus includes:

  • 23 beautiful acres
  • A natural preserve full of large, mature trees and native plants
  • Several wildlife feeding areas
  • 12 benches for bird watching or book reading
  • Nearly a mile of outdoor walking paths
  • Two nature trails
  • Paved paths that are walker and wheelchair friendly
  • A gazebo and a bridge
  • More than 200 varieties of birds as well as deer

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As part of your campus tour, we’d love to take you on a nature walk through Friendship Woods to experience it for yourself. Call (614) 215-9350 today or fill out the form below.

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